Emotions prevail over logic

How often have we attempted to control our emotions and attempt to act rationally and logically when our emotions are in full swing? It is often impossible. This is why I ask every person, when confronted with problems when emotional, to sit back and relax.

When dealing with women, understand that often their actions and words are dictated more by emotion than logic. So when one sees a female acting in a purely emotional way, it is best to approach them emotionally or not to approach them at all. Confronting a women with logic when they’re fully engaged in emotional rage, happiness or feeling is like bringing a knife to a  gun fight.

I remember dealing with a girl a few months ago, who was in tears and telling how much she hated her boyfriend. I approached her logically and told her to leave him and that it was the best thing for her. The bruises on her arms, I said was a good reason for her to leave him. But did logic work? No. A few minutes later she said she thought she could change him and inside he was a pure angel. Thus, I wasted 30 minutes of life attempting trying to logically help a girl. So guys, remember Emotions > logic.


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The importance of hobbies in a man’s life

There is nothing more important than a man’s personal interest in their lives. When one has no ambition or hope, they are defeated. Your personal hobbies, interest and joys in life should be controlled by yourself. Your happiness shouldn’t be determined by others, but should be determined by yourself. Only a weak man allows for himself to be influenced by others who seek to make him miserable.

When one has their own interest and hobbies, it keeps their mind stimulated and keeps them happy. It is something that no one can take away from you. This is important in our social and love lives. One doesn’t always have to be with friends or a large crowd in order to fit in and feel happy. Hobbies allow us to pursue our goals and interest and attain happiness from the process of our pursuit. Nothing is more satisfying then when one completes that piece of furniture they have been working on, winning a really tough chess game and even finish the last paragraph of their novel. Hobbies allow the mind to learn and grow while promoting health of the mind and happiness.

Our interest and hobbies are crucial for relationships. Relationships are much stronger when one’s happiness isn’t dictated by it. When one has hobbies and interest, they no longer need the ever lasting presence of their other partner all the time. It is true that when two people are together for too long, they drive each other mad. Having our own hobbies and interest allows us to have our own personal time to achieve what we want. It gives us a sense of self worth beyond than just being a part of another half in a relationship. This is important for men so that a relationship doesn’t define who we are and what makes us happy. A relationship should just be a special connection to another human being that we share intimate reactions and pleasures with. It shouldn’t define us and every action we take. Thus our own hobbies and interest are important as it allows us to obtain our own sense of personal identity. A sense of personal identity or being “unique” is something we all strive for in order to place our mark in society. It allows us to learn and pursue our goals, in thus making us better, smarter and more interesting people. Trust me, no one wants to date a boring person.

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Marrying a slut

So here is the story. A man who is about to get married with his ‘wife’ finds out that she has been cheating on him the WHOLE time. She has lied to him about her being on the pill and has lied to him about not having unprotected sex her whole life.

Now the man has found out about this via messages she has sent other guys.

So what does one do?

Its a hazy road from here.

The man should have been wary about even diving into a relationship with this female fatality. Sluts make bad wives and girlfriends.

A slut or female who has been with multiple partners over their lives will have a more likely chance to cheat on their husband?

Why? Simply put, they get bored easily with the same cock every night. Thus they go on a little ride with a new pleasure each time.

The straight forward answer to this man’s problem is to cut all lines of connection and call of the wedding. But this man is fairly old, into his early 30s, and he feels bad about leaving because of his major investment into this girl.

Another twist is that the female is pregnant. So what does a man do? It is unclear and hazy. The simple answer is to dump this slut and let her rot in the summer sun, but what about family and friends? The man must deal with the stress and shock of all of this.

He needs to enter the field, many years older to find new women. Unless he is a superbly good looking fellow, high status and high value, then he most likely wouldn’t be banging or meeting the hot young 20 something girls by the local night scene.

This could have been all solved in the beginning, if he never invested into this slut to begin with.


He recalls her always being away for long business trips and hours over their 5 year relationship. I wonder what “business” she attended to.

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Cold men

Some women wonder why certain men seem so cold. Why such a man can’t be friendlier or nicer to them. Some say that no good men exist, only the cold assholes. But they are attracted to these assholes, whether they like it or not. It is in their subconscious.

But the majority of these cold men exist because of women. Men wouldn’t be assholes if women didn’t exist. It allows a male to show his alphaness so that he can mate with the hottest babe in the room.

This asshole was probably a nice little boy when he was younger. Perhaps he had a girlfriend and treated her well. The relationship may have lasted for a few months. Perhaps the girl got sick of his niceness and beta acts. Slowly, over time, this happens to him again and again. He became more cold inside. He knew it was the only way to protect himself. He knew how crazy and irrational women could be. He became cold because he was conditioned to. Everything he became was the cause of women. These assholes and cold men that girls complain about are the products of these women. They are conditioned from their experiences.

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Answering all your questions

Due to my return,

I will be answering all emails and posting them on this wall.

Please send all questions to godsrelationship@gmail.com

Recent funny email:

To Ghiye,

i’M A BLOG READER. I READ BLOGS..AND I AM A GIRL WHO FEELS TURNED OFF WITH YOUR HEAD-STRONG little “game” that you are trying to teach innocent loving boys. not everyone wants to become a D-bag, man. if you have a gurl she wont be with chu long

To “blogreader”,

Hello “blogreader”

Did you know that assuming things makes an ass out of you and me? I have been with my girl for 10 months and we are perfectly fine and happy.
The things I teach “innocent loving boys” are ones that work and also create long lasting happy relationships where both parties are happy. These innocent loving boys are usually the “nice guys” who are angry inside because their niceness doesnt work towards their girl of their dreams. These girls usually end up with another boy who is much more confident, and has “game”.
This blog is for male readers, female readers who read this of course will be turned off. The psychological make up for men and women are different. What works for boys doesnt work for you. We also differ in hormone counts, and it also accounts for our stability in logical thinking. Many girls will agree on my blog, it is because many guys are feminized, and thus turning their girlfriends off. If you want anyone to take you seriously, don’t type in CAPS LOCK and learn how to spell.
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Men. When you hit the peak in your career/fame. When you achieve success and fame. You will have those who hate you. Many of them will be other males. Why? Because they envy the amount of ball busting sex you will receive. Watch your back. don’t even trust your best friends… because who knows who can back stab you?

On another note- I’ve been busy a while with lots of work and projects in order to propel myself forwards into my academic career and general success.

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After talking to a few guys and friends about their past, their families, and their past girlfriends and relationships, i see a trending pattern in each relationship. The ones that didnt last were usually the ones that were unhappy with what their girlfriends did and took their shit.

They were unhappy, not satisfied and didn’t enjoy their relationship

What is the point of being in a relationship if you don’t enjoy it?

You are suppose to have fun!

One person said that their girlfriend was going out clubbing while he was away. He allowed it to happen while being secretly upset.

If i were him, i would have stated my expectations right away. You are not going clubbing without me. Why do you go clubbing in general? To dance and grind with the opposite sex and have fun.

Girls who say they go to have fun with their “girlfriends” are bullshit. They go get some drinks, enjoy attention from the guys and enjoy some strange cock.

Men, if you are truly unhappy with your relationship, get out of it. As a man you have expectations and you will let them be heard. If they are not heard, then end what you have.

Don’t take shit from a out of control women.

Keep your girls in line.

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